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Your secret ingredient…

Dromona Butter and Cheddar cheese are the irresistible, inspiring and wholesome ingredients to elevate every dish. Just browse our recipes and you’ll know that we don’t just craft the finest products – we like to share them!

That’s our commitment to #GreatFoodMoments

From the first fold of velvety butter melting into your morning toast to the final sprinkle of grated cheddar crisping to perfection on top of your supper, Dromona turns simple dishes into scrumptious delights.

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Dromona Range

Dromona Cheddar cheese is crafted to suit everyone's taste from mild to extra mature in flavour and comes in handy packs including sliced and grated. Dromona butters are churned to perfection in traditional blocks and tubs for your convenience.

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This family favourite is the perfect comfort food. It’s extra cheesy, extra tasty and perfect for any time of day. We’ve put together this simple 10-step recipe with some added bacon for a rich, smokey kick! Serve it bubbling and hot for a heart-warming feed.

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