Making #GreatFoodMoments is what we love to do, and we’ve been doing it for quite some time!

We make great butter and cheese. It’s that simple. But if you take a look behind the wrapper, you’ll discover that they’re crafted from the freshest milk our local farmer cooperative here in Northern Ireland has to offer. In fact, did you know that Dromona Pure Butter is made from the milk of cows grazing in the summertime when the grass is at its best?

That same care and attention goes into bringing you our irresistible Dromona Cheddar. The delicious range is made in County Tyrone where the Dromona expert cheese testers ensure it meets the highest standards (if it doesn’t make the grade, it doesn’t make the shelves!).

And that’s just the start. Over the next few months, explore the recipes, stories and traditions that go into bringing you the tastes that have nurtured generations. There’s plenty still to uncover…


Perfectly juicy steak... Dromona makes it. #GreatFoodMomentsDromona Butter, combined with a few simple ingredients, makes marvelous midweek salmon! Full recipe 👉 #LinkinBio #GreatFoodMomentsSearing, sizzling, slowly melting… Dromona butter makes it! #GreatFoodMomentsMelty mexican quesadillas anyone? Quick, easy and so cheesy - made with Dromona Cheddar. Get the recipe 👉 #LinkinBio #GreatFoodMoments #Cheese #CheeseToastie #Cheesy #DromonaWe are a bit chuffed to announce that Dromona Mature Cheddar and Spreadeasy Butter have won Great Taste Awards 2019 for food that delivers fantastic flavour. #DromonaMakesItEvery bite is a delight with Dromona Cheddar on top! Upgrade your burger recipe 👉 #LinkinBio #GreatFoodMomentsSummery Moroccan chicken salad with Dromona Cheddar… the perfect flavour combo! #GreatFoodMomentsFrom perfect pastry to the most flavoursome filling – Dromona Butter makes it! Get the recipe 👉 Link in bio. #SundayFunday #SundayBaking #Baking #Pastry #Caramel #Butter #Dromona #GreatFoodMomentsYour favourite Dromona Cheddar just got even easier to eat (we're sorry). Have you tried our new Dromona Cracker? #GreatFoodMomentsTurn even quick snacks into delicious foodie occasions with Dromona Mature Cheddar! #GreatFoodMomentsSweet, spicy, yummy! This Dromona Butter rub will bring serious flavour to your favourite BBQ corn. #GreatFoodMomentsSERIOUS CHEESY QUESTION🧀 
One of our Dromona fans need your help...
If you were to make the 80's style cheese & pickled onion, which Dromona cheddar would you choose - mature or medium? #DromonaMakesIt #GreatFoodMoments #Cheese #Dromona